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Azure Optimization

The Microsoft Azure platform is ever expanding, and at an enormously rapid pace. Microsoft has put much emphasis on this and is ramping up their strategies with your IT teams to have you use more and more of this platform! This means that while your organization is probably working on many innovative things, you should also keep an eye on the cost aspect of this.

With most Cloud Services providers, the cloud isn’t cheap! It is stated to be cheaper than hosting your own datacenter, but this is not true until you start implementing cost optimization techniques. We have identified many optimization categories, from Azure Reserved Instances and Azure Hybrid Benefit, to rightsizing and rationalizing, and are using state of the art tools to help you investigate.

Let the independent Gilas consultants help you with your Azure challenges, our benchmark shows ~30% savings potential in most environments!

Range of services

Cloud consumption & cost optimization
Planning and forecasting review
Rightsizing and rationalization
Azure Reserved Instance and/or Savings plan review
Azure Hybrid Benefit review
Cross vendor price review

Highlights of what you can expect

  • Microsoft Azure Optimization report
  • Cloud Cost Reduction strategy
  • Procurement & Benchmarking advice
  • Advisory Services for Azure usage

Primary Cost Saving categories

Most important Azure optimization tips

Microsoft offers tools to setup your environment correctly, but it is still difficult to stay on top of your cloud consumption. Setting up good FinOps practices like tagging and billing accounts are key for getting costs under control

We advise you to check your consumption month over month, identify large changes and see and understand where they come from. Have clear ideas on where you might expect growth. Understanding your bill is key to know where you might need to look for potential optimizations.

Thorough understanding of both these principles are key to massive reduction in your Azure consumption. Our tools will provide concise overviews of these programmatic licensing offers from Microsoft.

Believe us, as many of us have worked there. They are only interested in making target, and do not actively give you insights into optimization potential (aside from very low hanging fruit through their own Azure Advisor). Set up your own practice, and then challenge Microsoft with your findings.

GILAS Group has no other interests, than your interests

The annual growth rate of cost spend on cloud computing services is growing exponentially year over year. Not understanding where your costs come from and what you can do to reduce these, will severely impact your budgets. Any savings you can create will help you to invest in new innovative technologies instead of wondering why moving to the cloud isn’t cheaper than you had envisioned. We at GILAS have expert consultants that carry out correct FinOps practices and we hope you let us help you!

How can we help you?

We look forward hearing from you. Please contact one of our team members if you are in need of independent expert advisory services or contact us via the website contact form:

The consultative team at GILAS achieved all of our goals. Their strong strategic and supportive skillsets ensured that we will engage them in ALL of our mega vendor contractual renewals moving forward. Best return of investment, ever.

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