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IBM License Optimization

GILAS offers a comprehensive selection of software asset management services for IBM customers. The services are designed to help you throughout your IBM software lifecycle, eliminating costly licensing or subscription pitfalls on-premise or in the cloud.

GILAS is not an IBM partner. We don’t sell or market IBM products or services. The measurement of success of our services are based on the knowledge of our independent IBM licensing experts, and their ability to create value for you in the form of savings, not by selling more IBM software.

Relying on blindly on tools, including IBM’s own ILMT (IBM License Metric Tool), is the first step in the wrong direction filled with costly surprises

Range of services

IBM audit defense
IBM license review
IBM license, contract and support optimization
IBM cloud migration

IBM Software Asset Management and Licensing

Stay compliant with IBM software while:

  • Avoid common but costly licensing pitfalls
  • Optimize license and support cost
  • Audit support and audit settlement
  • IBM cloud migration advisory
  • License remediation
  • IBM License Compliance Report
  • Get the best terms and conditions for your ELA, IULA, ESSO, ISSO and more

Primary Cost Saving categories

Get back in control of your IBM license & contract position

The IBM audit process is not static with a guaranteed outcome. Even when 3rd parties like KPMG is conducting the audit on behalf of IBM, the process become more complicated with high financial risks. GILAS will help you with independent audit support. We will review and remediate license risks, advise, and support you in your audit strategi and communication with IBM and other stakeholders. We will review the audit report, eliminate costly mistakes, and help you get the best terms and conditions in an audit settlement.

IBM licensing and contract review is for companies who wants to conduct an independent license review of their IBM estate. GILAS covers all IBM software products and can verify your compliance position for all your on-premises and cloud deployments. An independent IBM license review will not only help you address compliance challenges, it will also validate ILMT reporting capabilities or the use of other SAM tools.

IBM license, contract and support optimization is an integral part of our services. Many IBM customers find themselves locked-in to contracts, licenses and support that are increasingly getting more expensive, without a guide to lower cost alternatives. Understand your options and their financial impact with GILAS optimization service and get support from our team as we execute on the optimization strategy that is right for you.

Our IBM cloud migration service will help create a cloud migration roadmap designed around your specific situation. Avoid bringing compliance risks into the cloud, understand your cloud migration options and their financial impacts, and steer clear from common but expense cloud pitfalls. Use our IBM licensing experts to ensure that your cloud consumption is aligned with actual usage.

Tools are helpful, but won't offer guarantees

According to IBM there are more and more tools that can help with detecting and controlling the use of IBM licenses. Some of these tools are very good, but they still need to be set up and used correctly to correctly identify and manage IBM programs and interpret reports. In the past, people have had problems with audits because they relied too much on SAM tools. Even though tools can be helpful for managing software assets, they cannot replace the IBM licensing tools that you need to use in order to follow IBM’s licensing terms and policies, unless IBM says it is okay to do so.

What IBM is leaving out is that this also includes IBM’s own tools (ILMT), which needs to be checked. You can extend this notion further to include IBM’s audit partnerships.

How can we help you?

We look forward hearing from you. Please contact one of our team members if you are in need of independent expert advisory services or contact us via the website contact form:

The consultative team at GILAS achieved all of our goals. Their strong strategic and supportive skillsets ensured that we will engage them in ALL of our mega vendor contractual renewals moving forward. Best return of investment, ever.

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