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Oracle License Optimization

Oracle software is one of the most expensive enterprise products in the market. Combine that with
Oracle constantly being listed in the top 3 as one of the software companies that are auditing most
and you can imagine how companies are fearing being selected for an Oracle audit.

Oracle licensing and contracting is not easy, but with our proven methodology and unique tools we are able
to measure your licensing usage and map it to your entitlements. Providing you with an accurate picture
of what you are using today but also how you can optimize and reduce your spend with Oracle. Our Oracle
services includes audit defense service, ULA services, independent internal license reviews, Oracle support
reduction, negotiation and procurement assistant, cloud migration and cloud optimization support.

Our Oracle licensing services are all delivered by experienced consultants with decades of experience delivering successful engagements for clients around the world.

Range of services

Oracle License Compliance
Oracle Java License Compliance
Oracle to Cloud Services
Oracle ULA Services
Oracle Audit Defense Service
Oracle Support Optimization

Highlights and what you can expect from engaging with GILAS Group

  • Oracle License Compliance Report
  • Recommendations for how to remediate financial risk
  • Optimized Licensing Models
  • Support Reduction Strategy
  • Procurement & Benchmarking Advise
  • Advisory services for Oracle License & Cloud Strategy

Primary Cost Saving categories

Our Oracle Licensing & Contracting services

We can help you establish license compliance position for all Oracle software products, including but not limited to Oracle database, Oracle WebLogic, Oracle E-business suite, Oracle Siebel, Oracle Primavera, Oracle JDE and much more. Our tools are the same as what Oracle uses in their official audits, and we will detect not only what is being utilized today but also, what has been utilized in the past. If we identify noncompliance, we work together with your team to optimize your licensing requirements.

We are leading Oracle licensing experts for Java and have delivered over 40 engagements in the past 3 years. We help you with a communication strategy allowing us to establish what if any java licenses your organization need going forward.

We help you establish a baseline for which Java deployments requires a license and which doesn’t. If you have Java deployed on VMware we help you optimizing to make sure you purchase what you need and not what Oracle is requesting.

We support you with Java licensing models and different procurement options.

If you are considering moving to Oracle Fusion, Oracle OCI or any other Oracle cloud service – we help you design your. Oracle cloud contract. Making your migration to Oracle cloud as cost efficient as possible. If you are already an Oracle Fusion customer and are concerned about over-usage, we can help you perform an Oracle SaaS usage review to understand which users needs to be licensed.

If you are 12 months in your last Oracle cloud contract, we can support you with preparation for the Oracle cloud renewal. If you are moving to Azure, AWS, or any non-Oracle cloud platform, we can help you confirming that you are compliant with your Oracle licenses.

If you have an Oracle ULA and wants to exit, we have vast experience in Oracle ULA certifications for organizations of all sizes. If you have an Oracle ULA and are undecided what action is best for you, Oracle ULA exit or a renewal. Let us help you with the data and
advise to make the best decision for your company.

If you are in the middle of your Oracle ULA and are pro-active and wants to review your usage and maximize your value. We can help you with a mid-age ULA review.

If you received an Oracle audit notification, do not hesitate in contacting us. We will quickly be able to review your licensing and make any adjustments if needed. If you have tried the Oracle audit on your own and end up facing a huge compliance bill – we are can help you by taking a second opinion review of the audit report to help you lower the demands.

If you want to reduce your Oracle support fees but are struggling to find a way. We have created a service where we gather all the data and information about your Oracle environment and then create a future roadmap for how to reduce Oracle support fees.

If you are considering moving to third party support for Oracle and wants to make sure you are compliant with your licenses and contracts
we can guide you through that process.

Why GILAS Group?

Our Oracle license experts will be able to support you and your organization through all challenges related to Oracle licensing and cloud. We only hire the best minds in Oracle software asset management, and we are used to working with corporations from all parts of the world. Delivering management presentations to C-level as well as working with your software asset management team.

How can we help you?

We look forward hearing from you. Please contact one of our team members if you are in need of independent expert advisory services or contact us via the website contact form:

The consultative team at GILAS achieved all of our goals. Their strong strategic and supportive skillsets ensured that we will engage them in ALL of our mega vendor contractual renewals moving forward. Best return of investment, ever.

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