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ServiceNow License Optimization

Licensing ServiceNow can be quite mind boggling. Due to their quickly changing licensing rules and revamping of their licensing models, you licensing requirements depend on when you bought your licenses and/or started your contract.

This makes it quite complex to understand, and the vendor itself does not really provide a lot of material to help you with this. Usually, we at GILAS encounter frustrated clients that need more insights into what they need to purchase. We have set up a clear and concise plan to get you to understand your requirements.

Does ServiceNow licensing give you a headache? Allow us to help you!

Range of services

ServiceNow rightsizing & optimization
ServiceNow licensing training
ServiceNow negotiations & contracting support
ServiceNow User profiling

Highlights on what you can expect:

  • Clear understanding licensing models and user profiles
  • Price discussions and negotiations
  • Optimized Licensing models
  • Procurement & Benchmarking advice
  • ServiceNow license compliance report

Most Important ServiceNow Licensing & Contracting Tips

Understand how you can reduce your contractual spend by understanding what quantities of licenses you need to purchase and reduce these at the earliest convenience. 

Who will be using the ServiceNow environment and in what capacity? You want to make sure you have the right people serviced with the correct licenses 

ServiceNow is known for creating very unclear licensing offers, where they leave it mainly up to you to interpret what you can do with your licenses. Challenge your ServiceNow sales rep(s). 

There is little to no experience in the market offering ServiceNow licensing services. Use an independent advisory firm like GILAS to get your ducks in a row! 

We are ready to support you

GILAS is an independent advisory firm who will only provide top of the line consultants with either plenty of knowledge of the market or ideally consultants who have worked at the requested vendor. We have ServiceNow consultants with many years of experience that can tell you how the licensing model for ServiceNow evolved, and what you should look out for in contracting with ServiceNow.  

How can we help you?

We look forward hearing from you. Please contact one of our team members if you are in need of independent expert advisory services or contact us via the website contact form:

The consultative team at GILAS achieved all of our goals. Their strong strategic and supportive skillsets ensured that we will engage them in ALL of our mega vendor contractual renewals moving forward. Best return of investment, ever.

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