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Morten Andersen Consultant & Founding Partner

Dennis Toele

Areas of expertise

  • Oracle License compliance
  • Vendor/Contract Management
  • Cloud Services
  • Negotiations & Audit Support
  • ULA Certification
  • Support Cost Optimization

Employment history

  • Founder and lead consultant @ Redress Compliance
  • Executive Oracle License Consultant @ Insight
  • Oracle Licensing and Contracting @ Oracle
  • IBM Licensing and Contracting Specialist @ IBM

Morten has more than 17 years of experience working with Software licensing and contracting within companies such as Oracle, Insight Enterprises and IBM. Throughout his career, Morten has established himself as a trusted project lead and Oracle licensing expert, who helps clients negotiate, protect, and optimize their Oracle investments on-premises or in the cloud. When Morten is not involved in projects, he is writing articles and making videos about Oracle licensing topics, sharing thoughts and the latest information about Oracle. Sharing information has been an instrumental part of our DNA and Morten has been involved in the training and testing of several hundreds of software asset managers and other Oracle stakeholders within companies Worldwide.

Contact me directly if you have questions or want to know more about the services GILAS has to offer.

GILAS’ mission is to provide you with truly independent and best in class license and software asset management expertise across all the major vendors such as Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, IBM and more. We will help you in any step of your journey, optimizing your cloud and software licensing.

Recent posts

  • 5 key factors: Choosing the right Salesforce license

    Salesforce offers a range of flexible licensing options to meet the specific needs of different organizations. Things to review: Number and type of users, Features and functionality, Deployment options and Pricing & Terms.

    February 6, 2023
  • 6 tips when negotiating with Salesforce

    Salesforce negotiations can be complex and time-consuming, but proper negotiations can help organizations get the best possible deal on theirSalesforce licensing requirement. 6 tips to success!

    January 28, 2023
  • What is an Oracle Audit & how to deal with it

    An Oracle license audit is a review of an organization’s Oracle software usage to ensure that it is in compliance with the terms and conditions of the organization’s Oracle license agreements.

    January 19, 2023

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Andorra, Spain (GMT+1,CET)

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