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Amazon Web Services Optimization

AWS is the biggest cloud computing services platform in the world, generally used by many fortune 500 companies and many other organizations worldwide. It is the go-to tool for most startups as it allows you to quickly scale up an environment on which you can collaborate or host your goods and services.

In this lies the risk as well, as your cloud consumption costs can quickly run out of control. We at Gilas have supported many organizations with their FinOps challenges and have saved on average 23% of annual cloud consumption on Amazon Web Services. We hope you’ll join us and benefit from our expertise.

Amazon Web Services sales reps will try and help save you money, but only to an extent! Use a GILAS independent expert to help you to the fullest extent possible!

Range of services

Cloud consumption & cost optimization
Planning and forecasting review
Rightsizing and rationalization
Reserved Instance & Savings plan review
Cross vendor price review

Highlights of what you can expect:

  • AWS Optimization report
  • Continuous Cloud Cost Reduction strategy
  • Procurement & Benchmarking advice
  • Advisory Services for GCP usage

Primary Cost Saving categories

Most important AWS optimization tips

AWS offers tools to setup your environment correctly, but it is still difficult to stay on top of your cloud consumption. Setting up good FinOps practices like tagging and billing accounts are key for getting costs under control 

We advise you to check your consumption month over month, identify large changes and see and understand where they come from. Have clear ideas on where you might expect growth. Understanding your bill is key to know where you might need to look for potential optimizations. 

Understanding how this model works might help you in reducing your cloud consumption costs.  

Leverage their resources to the fullest to help remove unwanted cloud consumption costs. 

We have no other interest, than your interest

The annual growth rate of cost spend on cloud computing services is growing exponentially year over year. Not understanding where your costs come from and what you can do to reduce these, will severely impact your budgets. Any savings you can create will help you to invest in new innovative technologies instead of wondering why moving to the cloud isn’t cheaper than you had envisioned. We at GILAS have expert consultants that carry out correct FinOps practices that can truly make a difference for you!

How can we help you?

We look forward hearing from you. Please contact one of our team members if you are in need of independent expert advisory services or contact us via the website contact form:

The consultative team at GILAS achieved all of our goals. Their strong strategic and supportive skillsets ensured that we will engage them in ALL of our mega vendor contractual renewals moving forward. Best return of investment, ever.

John Do
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